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Mondaine Stop2Go Watch Collection

The wait is over. Mondaine welcomes back the highly anticipated Stop2Go collection.

A tribute to our heritage: Embrace the moment with Mondaine's highly anticipated Stop2Go Collection.
Introducing Mondaine's much-anticipated Stop2Go collection is a tribute to our rich heritage. Characterised by a robust design and a substantial, crown-less case, this new collection artfully reimagines the iconic Swiss Railways Station clock like never before. The exclusive Stop2Go movement, a revolutionary feature unique to Mondaine, showcases a 2-second time stop, mirroring the precision and technology of the renowned Swiss clocks. The collection offers a choice between three 41mm case and two 34mm case watches, with stainless-steel or vegan grape leather straps and black or white dial options. White dial designs boast Backlight, a patented Mondaine technology, while black dial models feature SuperLuminova on top of the hands, ensuring optimal visibility in all lighting conditions.
Mondaine Stop2Go Swiss Watches
 This exceptional watch collection encapsulates the true essence of the iconic Swiss Railways Station clock, making it a truly special choice for those who appreciate exclusive, state-of-the-art Swiss watchmaking.
Mondaine Stop2Go: A Movement Beyond the Ordinary
The Stop2Go collection not only inherits the timeless design of the Swiss Railways clock but also features a unique watch movement reminiscent of this legendary timepiece. Similar to the clocks in Swiss Railways Stations, the distinctive red second hand completes a full circle in 58 seconds and then pauses for 2 seconds at 12 o'clock, allowing the minute hand to elegantly advance to the next minute. These crucial 2 seconds allowed the original Master Clock to synchronize with all railway clocks across the country every minute, ensuring impeccable accuracy in the Swiss Railways timetable. This meticulous synchronization process not only maintained punctuality but also contributed to the renowned reputation of the Swiss for their unrivaled timekeeping precision.
Mondaine Stop2Go Swiss Watch
 The Stop2Go collection pays homage to this heritage with its robust, crown-less design, resembling the Swiss Railways Clock more closely than ever. The unique movement lets time stand still, reminiscent of the iconic original.
From Station to Wrist
Invented in 1944 by Hans Hilfiker, an SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) employee and engineer, the iconic design of the Swiss Railways Clock prioritised simplicity and legibility. In 1986, Mondaine successfully transitioned the design from the station platform to the wrist, launching the first Official Swiss Railways Station wristwatch. The Stop2Go collection seamlessly blends style, functionality, and a touch of boldness, featuring the exclusive stop2go movement.
Precision and Style in Detail
The Stop2Go collection effortlessly combines style, functionality, and boldness. The watches feature a worldwide exclusive Stop2Go movement and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on the dial glass. BackLight technology enhances the visibility of white dial watches, while black dial watches showcase SuperLuminova on top of the hands. All Stop2Go models come with a 'time setting pen' for easy adjustment, eliminating the need for a crown. The collection's practical interchangeable strap system adds versatility, allowing you to create multiple unique looks with a single watch.
Mondaine Stop2Go Swiss Watch
Precise, surprising, classic, and iconic, the Stop2Go collection invites everyone to seize the opportunity and pause time in a constantly moving world. As the Stop2Go watch stands still, it serves as a reminder with those fleeting "2 SECONDS TO REMEMBER" that, in that brief moment, time pauses, allowing for focus, savoring the present, and reflecting on the things that truly matter—your dreams, goals, relationships. The strong connection to the history of the Swiss Railways clock and the unique watch movement makes Stop2Go a truly iconic watch, as ICONIC AS YOU.
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