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Mondaine Clocks Collection

A clock for each room or occasion.

Mondaine Clocks: A clock for each room or occasion.
In a world that is constantly on the move, finding moments of tranquility and organisation becomes paramount. Mondaine understands the significance of time, and our collection of Clocks effortlessly blends functionality with design. Whether you work in the office or at home, make sure you feel comfortable in your workspace. Our wide range of Clocks are the perfect addition to any room. From the original black and white Station Clock to red, black and golden tones there is a design for every style and room. If you are travelling for work or pleasure, our Alarm Clocks are the ideal companion to make sure you are on time wherever you go. For a bit of nostalgia, discover our Pocket Watch, a reminder of the beginnings of timekeeping.
Wall Clocks: The Kitchen Maestro
Begin your day on a punctual note with a Mondaine Wall Clock in the Kitchen. Our sleek designs and easy-to-read faces make them a practical and stylish addition to your culinary haven. Whether you're timing your morning brew or keeping track of cooking intervals, our Wall Clocks are a reliable companion that will effortlessly integrate into your kitchen decor.
Mondaine Wall Clocks
Office Chic: For the Workspaces
Transform your office into a space of sophistication with Mondaine's range of Wall Clocks. Their minimalist designs and accurate timekeeping ensure that your workday flows seamlessly. Choose from various styles to match your office aesthetic and experience the perfect blend of form and function.
Mondaine Table Clocks
Bedroom Bliss: Alarm Clocks
Bring an air of serenity to your bedroom with Mondaine's elegant Alarm Clocks. Designed to complement your bedside table, these timepieces not only wake you up gently but also add a touch of sophistication to your sleeping quarters. Choose from classic or modern designs to suit your personal style.
Mondaine Alarm Clocks
Living Room Elegance
Make a statement in your living room with Mondaine's large Wall Clocks. These commanding timepieces serve as functional art pieces, commanding attention with their unique designs and precision. Whether your decor is contemporary or classic, Mondaine has a Clock that will seamlessly integrate into your living space.
Mondaine Wall Clocks

Stop2go – a homage to the Swiss railways clock
Of all our clocks, the Stop2Go Wall Clock is the one that most closely resembles the original Swiss station clock. It not only has the same iconic and minimalistic design and the characteristic red second hand, but also features the unique and exclusive Stop2Go movement resembling that of the train station clocks. The distinctive red second hand of the Stop2Go clock makes a full circle turn in 58 seconds and then waits for 2 seconds when it reaches 12 o'clock, allowing the minute hand to elegantly jump to the next minute. Precisely those crucial 2 seconds, gave the original station clock the time for the Mother Clock to synchronize and align with all railway clocks across the country every minute. This meticulous synchronization process not only ensured perfect accuracy of the Swiss railways timetable but also contributed to the renowned reputation of the Swiss for their unrivalled punctuality. Our Stop2Go collection pays tribute to this heritage showcasing a clever movement that lets time stand still just like the railway station clock.

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