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Legendary swiss craftsmanship


For more than 60 years, we have followed a simple idea: form
and function in perfect harmony.

stop2go technology

The Magic Moment of the MONDAINE stop2go: why does the second hand stop after each minute for two seconds?

A unique feature of the Swiss Railway (SBB) Clock to ensure smooth and absolutely precise departures of Swiss trains on the full minute for the last 70 years. An ingenious design by a Swiss engineer employed by SBB, that ensured train punctuality would become a visible concept across the globe.

A timepiece that ticks off the minute at 58 seconds continues to charm and intrigue; Swiss watchmaker MONDAINE has incorporated this unique motion within its MONDAINE - SBB/Official Swiss Railway Watch.

Stop2go technology

The fascinating execution of “stop2go”, like on the original clock, features the famous red second hand that turns full circle in 58 seconds and then waits at 12 o’clock for the black minute hand to move on, before jumping one marker forwards, starting its next rotation. Two seconds which sometimes can change our life?

MONDAINE asked designer Martin Drechsel, to come up with a design for the new watch. As a tribute to its industrial background he framed the stainless steel case with two matt-brushed stainless steel braces, fading to the horns to fit the strap. The crown has been built as a functional switch for easy time setting of the new and unique movement, which was developed by MONDAINE, to ensure clear visibility of the 12 o’clock second stop and iconic dial. The crystal is made from scratch resistant anti-reflective coated sapphire glass.

A true statement for the wrist with a diameter of 41 mm and striking case design, the soft black strap made from natural leather completes this Swiss Made timepiece. 

A regular quartz watch runs with one motor to gear the hour, minute and seconds hand. The MONDAINE SBB stop2go movement needs 2 motors: one to turn the seconds hand and the 2nd motor drives the hour hand and inducts the minutes hand jump. An important hallmark of the Swiss station clock is the smooth drive of the red seconds hand; to convert this to quartz watch a special trick was needed. Instead of moving each second one step forward the seconds hand moves in 4 little paces every second. This makes the impression of a continuous gliding like seen on the Original on each Swiss

stop2go Wifi Wall Clock

The NEW WiFi connected SBB Station clock featuring state-of-the-art stop2go technology is here. The distinctive red second hand stops for 2 seconds when it reaches 12 o'clock, allowing the minute hand to elegantly jump to the next minute. With the new Mondaine stop2go WiFi wall clock, you can hang a piece of iconic Swiss design above your office desk or on your living room wall.


Motto: life doesn't stop at night

For more than 100 years the Swiss Federal Railways have been famous for punctuality and precision. Historically the train station manager used a special red Paddle to announce to passengers and train conductors that the train is about to depart. This red Paddle with its special shape is also the second hand of the Official Swiss Railways Clock.

MONDAINE’s original and authentic watch and clock collection captures this pristine and punctual look.

The product

MONDAINE Backlight Technology allows good visibility of the hands at night, without any disturbing visual effect of the design.


MONDAINE uses a thin foil coated with Swiss-made, extra strong Superluminova material that is used frequently in the watch industry, allowing long visibility at night.

How it works

During daytime, the white dial reflects the light and charges the luminous foil attached to the back side of the hands. During the night, the luminous foil releases the light again.

As iconic as the Official Swiss Railways design has become, with its characteristic hands and the highly visible bold hour and minute markers creating a distinctive, strong picture that is perceived worldwide as a timeless Swiss classic, MONDAINE is proud to announce a new dimension to its formative design codes.

Noticing that in the dark, the time of the distinctive dial could not be read, MONDAINE began to seek a solution and as ever with MONDAINE, the one it found was brilliant in its simplicity; to add luminous paint to the back side of the watch hands.

During daytime, the white dial reflects the light and charges the luminous foil attached to the back side of the hands. During the night, the luminous foil releases the light again, (the longevity of this light is dependent on how well the luminous paint is charged in daylight). The light is then reflected by the dial, releasing a shadow around the hands to make time easy to read.

The outcome is that of a continual charge: the light, which the coated luminous (Superluminova) back side of the hands releases in the dark, is reflected onto the white dial, the light from the dial is reflected back to the luminous foil on the back side of the hands, continuously recharging the luminous material, creating a kind of perpetual glow.




Once again, MONDAINE has proved it is a pioneer with the launch of its latest design wonder, born from nature; essence.

essence from MONDAINE marks a new era for the brand, built with sustainable materials, it is as eco-conscious as it is stylish.

Developed using eco-friendly sources, its renewable materials including Rizinus (castor oil) for its case; natural rubber for the strap and recycled PET bottles for its multi-purpose pouch, make these modern creations not only clean and simple in design but considerate to the world we live in.

With these new timepieces, MONDAINE resonates with the spirit of our times, targeting not only those fascinated by design, but also to whom caring for the environment is essential. Be it through their diet or buying habits, MONDAINE is now directly addressing this collective, joining their desire to impact positively upon world change, with an innovative timepiece like essence, to illustrate its support.

MONDAINE’s essence series makes a commendable statement; that even a product as stylish and technically demanding as a Mondaine watch can be made from thoughtful and innovative materials and for a price that is accessible to all.

Retaining the key markers of the MONDAINE brand DNA, essence blends classic Swiss craftsmanship with the evolution of production and enterprise to offer a future-perfect collection with an eco-consciousness.

Continuing with the iconic realisation of the official Swiss Railway’s SBB clock face in watch form, essence is instantly identifiable as MONDAINE due to the unmistakable easy-to-read face, distinctive hands and the famous red seconds hand, resulting in world renowned design codes.

Housed in a thoughtfully-crafted soft grey highly tactile pouch, that has other uses beyond a cover for the watch, such as protection for a mobile phone; the eco-packaging made out of recycled PET bottles is the perfect partner to the essence’s eco-conscious craftsmanship.

Available in two colour-ways; the classic with white dial with black markers and the black dial with white minute and hour markers, the essence collection captures the modern and natural spirit of MONDAINE which is to combine form, function and invention to create time for now, tomorrow and always. MONDAINE essence, natures new classic.


Made from grapes – not only for wine-lovers

MONDAINE stands for innovation, Swissness and uncompromising sustainability. The entire Mondaine Group is one of the few global watch brands to be 100% CO2-neutral. In collaboration with a top Italian manufacturer, MONDAINE Watch Ltd is producing all the watch straps in the Classic collection, which were previously made of leather, from a new vegan grape leather. The high-quality composite grape material represents valuable upcycling without an increase in price and can be regarded as one of the plant-based alternatives to real leather of the future.

Vegan grape leather – chic, high-quality and meaningful

An innovative Italian manufacturer has successfully created an alternative to animal leather from the organic waste of wine production. Everything which cannot be used at the end of the wine-making process – namely the grape marc consisting of the stems, seeds and skins – is used to make grape leather. Genuine upcycling.

Components of grape composite material

27% vegan grape leather

50% recycled polyester

23% water-based polyurethane (more sustainable than traditional polyurethane as no chemical solvents involved in the production)