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At MONDAINE, we believe that everyone is unique and deserves to express themselves in their own iconic way.  

AS ICONIC AS YOU embodies our brand's commitment to honoring your distinct style and personality. It pays a compliment to bold styles, attitudes, gestures, and moments. This is not just a mere marketing slogan, but a promise to you. Our pledge is to create products that empower you to confidently showcase your one-of-a-kind identity. They are designed to make you feel unique and special, just like you are. 

We celebrate this individuality and what sets us aside from other watch brands. Our bold yet elegant and understated design contains over 70 years’ worth of heritage and is rooted in the official Swiss Railways Station clock. Our minimalist design is instantly recognized around the world due to the easy-to-read face, distinctive clean design and the famous red seconds hand. 

Originally designed for the Swiss railway in the 1940s, this timeless classic jumped to the wrist in 1986 and has since become an icon of Swiss design being featured in prestigious museums, exhibits and wrists around the world. In fact, even multinational technology companies have shown admiration for the iconic design of MONDAINE’s clock-face and have included it on their Clock apps. Now that’s iconic!

Design that has stood the test of time since 1986

Furthermore, MONDAINE is and remains an icon in pioneering the watch industry towards sustainability. Since 2020, we are one of the world’s first comprehensively carbon-neutral watch brands and companies (scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) thanks to our efforts over the past decades following the 3R Rules: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. In addition, we produce watches with green energy, up to 80% of which is derived from our own photovoltaic solar power system.

As part of this commitment, all MONDAINE’s watch collections are available with vegan straps making them a more ethical and environmentally friendly option. We use vegan straps made from a wide range of materials, including textile from recycled plastic bottles, rubber, as well as plant-based materials such as cork or grape leather. This variety of options allows for greater customization to express your personality.

In fact, vegan grape leather is one of our latest additions. It is high-quality, durable, and best of all meaningful. These straps are made from the organic waste of wine production. Everything which cannot be used at the end of the wine-making process – namely the grape marc consisting of the stems, seeds and skins – is used to make grape leather. Cheers to genuine upcycling!  

In addition, all our watches come with quick release straps. By being able to easily switch out the straps, you can create a variety of looks with just one watch, making it a more versatile accessory that can be worn for different occasions. Furthermore, it contributes to a more sustainable approach to fashion. Rather than buying new watches, you can simply update the look of your current one with a new strap, reducing the amount of waste.

Time for a better future

In conclusion, being iconic is about creating a lasting legacy that stands the test of time. It’s more than a design. It’s a lifestyle, an attitude. It's about building a brand that resonates with you and can become a part of your life. And it's about staying true to your values and identity, while also embracing change and innovation.

So, we know our mission: that whatever we design, and whatever we do​, it has to be iconic.

As iconic as you.