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Automatic Watches

Automatic Watches

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Automatic Watches

An automatic watch is a watch that harnesses the users daily hand movements to wind the mechanical spring and move the dial for the time. These watches are extremely durable and don't use a battery to power the watch. An automatic are extremely popular amongst watch enthusiasts as these watches are accurate, have beautiful aesthetics and require little to no maintenance.

The inner workings of an automatic watch are interesting and fascinating, with a rotating weight that winds the mainspring as the watch moves. This mainspring powers the watch, keeping accurate time and requiring only occasional movement when the watch isn't worn for an extended period of time. The mechanical movement of an automatic watch also offers a unique level of precision, making them a great choice for anyone who appreciates the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into developing a quality swiss made watch.

Our range of automatic watches at Mondaine Australia are built with Swiss quality for superb quality, whilst maintaining a minimalistic design and are comfortable to wear.

Shop our beautiful automatic watches today.