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Our revolutionary story

Vegan collection

The entire Mondaine Group is one of the few global watch brands to be 100% CO2-neutral. So, it is no surprise that 2022 starts with yet another sustainable innovation. We partnered with VEGEA™– an Italian company specialized in turning waste from winemaking into a vegetal leather alternative.


The high-quality composite grape material represents valuable upcycling without an increase in price and can be regarded as one of the plant-based alternatives to real leather of the future. Currently, our Classic and evo2 collections are available in grape leather.


When looking for alternatives to animal leather to produce watch straps, one material was particularly eye-catching in terms of quality: vegan grape leather. Everything which cannot be used at the end of the wine-making process – namely the grape marc consisting of the stems, seeds and skins – is used to make grape leather. Genuine upcycling.

Components of grape composite material

27% vegan grape leather

50% recycled polyester

23% water-based polyurethane

(more sustainable than traditional polyurethane as no chemical solvents being involved in the production process)