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We believe we can make a difference #WeCare

"At Mondaine, we believe that Sustainability is a matter of respect towards our planet, our customers, our partners and the generations to come. For decades, we have consistently maintained a responsible use of resources, looked for eco-friendly solutions and alternative materials. With our successful track record, we continuously reduce our ecological footprint, step by step. We would like other watch companies to follow our example to support the next generations.

The best thing you can do for the planet is not buying a watch. The second best is to buy a Mondaine."

André Bernheim, Co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Environmental Officer of the Group

How we drive change

The world's first CO2 neutral watch company

Mondaine Watch Ltd. is one of the first entirely carbon-neutral watch companies in the world.

The ecological balance sheet was calculated by a specialized consulting company and includes all watch components, their transport to our factory, our factory itself in Solothurn, the headquarters in Pfaffikon in Switzerland, business trips and, from 2021, the transport of the watches to our sales partners and direct customers.

The photovoltaic system on the factory roof, the use of hydroelectricity at our HQ, a reduction in the volume of packaging by 50% and the use of eco-friendlier materials have all had a positive impact on our carbon footprint.

Vegan eco-friendly straps

We believe plant-based materials are the way forward, so in an effort to further lower our carbon footprint we have substituted all the leather straps in our most iconic collection, Classic, with vegan grape leather. We partnered with VegeaTM – an Italian company specialized in turning waste from winemaking into a vegetal leather alternative.

As well as being animal friendly and free from solvents, no heavy metals or other harmful substances are part of the process of turning discarded grape skins, stalks and seed into beautiful plant-based leather, with a true upcycling result.

Marie Claire Award Winner

In 2021, the group will again be completely CO2 neutral on scope 1,2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas protocol - each brand, as well as the group as a whole.

The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2021 have recognized Mondaine’s achievements with our brand receiving a highly commended award for our Carbon Footprint Initiative and winning Best Sustainable Watch Collection with essence.

Our solar panels installation

Since September 2019, the Mondaine Group has been operating a photovoltaic system on the roof of its own factory in Biberist, Switzerland.The electricity generated from solar energy covers up to 80% of our total annual needs and the remaining amount of energy is covered by green energy provided through a hydroelectric power plant.Mondaine saves around 77 tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Moreover, we were the first watch company in the world to offer watch recycling: old watches (except for plastic watches from other brands) can be sent to our factory in Solothurn where they are dismantled and recycled, on its way of cradle-to-cradle, a closed, value-preserving material cycle.

Go for Impact

The importance of sustainable supply chains is increasing.

In a short video by Go for Impact, Mondaine Group co-owner André Bernheim explains the challenges faced by a Swiss small medium entreprise. The aim is not to find the perfect solution but how to go about it: improvements are achieved step by step. Ultimately these also produce economic benefits and help to secure supply chains.

We support impactful projects

Fairventures Worldwide

At the start of the new decade, Mondaine launched a multi-year collaboration with the non-profit organization Fairventures with the purpose of off-setting our non-avoidable CO2emissions for the group and all its brands by supporting reforestation projects through the cooperation. The NGO is committed to reforesting the rainforest in a very socially responsible manner in endangered areas.

We have signed a long-term agreement with Fairventures Worldwide with the aim of financially supporting their work and thereby compensating the entire Mondaine Group's CO2emissions.