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Caring for Pocket Watches

Caring for Pocket Watches

Your pocket watch will look only as good as you keep it! When learning how to wear a pocket watch, understanding how to take care of it is an essential element.


Most pocket watches will be designed to be wound daily to keep the watch measuring time correctly.

Try to wind your watch either in the morning or evening every day as part of your routine. If it becomes a habit, you’re less likely to forget and your watch will continue to stay accurate.


Your watch is likely to pick up fingerprint marks or greasy smudges. Wipe it down using a lint-free cloth regularly - daily if possible. This will remove smudges and marks.

Ensure that you use a dry cloth to wipe down your watch. Moisture could damage the metal and the clockwork.


It will depend on your pocket watch metal as to how often it will need polishing, but this is important to prevent the watch from becoming tarnished and losing its shine.

Ensure you know what you watch is made from before buying a polish as these will be formulated differently for different kinds of metal. If you’re unsure, ask a jeweller. 

If your watch has grooves and engravings, it could be helpful to use a cotton swab to polish these areas.

If you’re looking for a high quality Swiss pocket watch, check out Mondaine’s elegant stainless steel pocket watch, bearing the distinctive, minimalist Official Swiss Railways design.
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