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Minimalist Watches by Mondaine Australia

Are You a Minimalist? 5 Signs That You Are!

Minimalism can mean different things to different people. In fact, Apartment Therapy says there are 6 types of minimalists, as the term relates to aesthetics, sustainability, experiences and more. As societies and technologies progress, there are naturally increased opportunities for accumulation of tools, gadgets, clothing, obligations and waste. In a word, there is: MORE. 

Minimalists strive to streamline – in one, some, or all parts of their lives. It often comes from a need or want to simplify.

For a word with many definitions, how do you know if you are a minimalist?

Minimalist Watches by Mondaine Australia


Here are some key signs:

1. You are naturally averse to waste.

Do you look for food and other packaging that produces as little waste as possible? This is a sign of minimising your footprint, your lasting effect on the natural world.

Minimalist Watches by Mondaine Australia


2. You are happiest when wearing one or two colours.

Perhaps you stick to a few hues for your entire wardrobe, to make mixing and matching easy. Some texture or patterns will do, if accompanied by a neutral solid. Accessories are simple, clean-lined, and often serve a purpose. 

Minimalist Watches by Mondaine Australia


3. Your home and/or desk lack clutter.

You might be a minimalist if your colleague’s office, overrun with papers and clutter, which they say helps their inspiration and creative process, gives you anxiety just walking past it. If you prefer almost nothing on your desk and feel more creative with a quiet mind and limited distractions, you might be a minimalist.

Minimalist Clocks by Mondaine Australia


4. When shopping, aesthetics pique your interest, and functionality makes the deal.

Minimalists are often drawn to a clean, unadorned look and anything they are attracted to must fit that aesthetic. Looks alone, though, aren’t enough. The idea behind minimalism is less, not more, so buying another possession comes from a need for functionality. They will only purchase something they will use, and use often.

Minimalist Clocks by Mondaine Australia


5. You use words like “subtle,” “simple,” and “stark” to describe your ‘happy place’.

When you walk into your home and look around at your few favourite, hand-picked décor pieces neatly arranged, do you take a deep breath and think: this is perfect? When asked what your style is like, do you use these words? If you answered yes to both questions, chances are you’re a minimalist.


Minimalist Watches by Mondaine Australia

Mondaine, as a brand, has a penchant for minimalism. The watches collection comes from a clock design pared down to only the essentials to easily read the time from across the train station. Our collection of watches are designed with clean lines and readable shapes. Every subtle design aspect we incorporate into our timepieces is aesthetically purposeful and above all functional.

To view more of our products, click here to view all our watches. 

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