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Why choose a Mondaine Watch?

Why choose a Mondaine Watch?

With so many watch brands out there competing for your attention, it's hard to know which ones are worth investing in and which ones will make the right kind of statement while being worn on your wrist. We all want a watch that will stand out amongst all others, both in quality and in style. At Mondaine, our precise manufacturing and production processes undoubtedly create truly one of a kind timepieces. With so many styles and designs to choose from, we've created a concise list of features that make our Mondaine watches truly unique from all of the rest. 

 Mondaine Watch


1. Each watch is produced in and distributed from Solothurn, Switzerland. Precise manufacturing and high attention to quality make our watches a timepiece that can last a lifetime. Quality is evident in everything we do, from the way we produce our watches to the materials we use, Mondaine watches are consistently valued for their high quality aesthetic and design.


2. A rich and unique brand history has been the platform from which Mondaine was born from. The original SBB design was created by a top Swiss engineer, Hans Hilfiger, in 1944. Originally created for the SBB Railways system, Hans Hilfiger designed the SBB watch face to be used as the official standard Railway station clock. In 1986, the SBB Railway clock transitioned from station clock to a wristwatch. 


Rich and Unique


3. High quality materials are incorporated into every single Mondaine watch produced. We use durable, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to cover and protect each watch face. Each watch case back and crown is made from tough stainless steel, which comes in a polished or brushed option. Watch Bands also come in a variety of options, from soft calf leather watch bands to stainless steel bracelets. We even released a line of SBB watches that were made with a watch band created from recyclable plastic bottles, in other words an eco-friendly PET material. 

high quality materials

4. Our watches are produced in various sizes in order to accommodate as many of our customers as possible. Our watches come in 4 different sizes, (26, 30, 35, and 40 mm),  as these cover most common gender sizes. 

various sizes

5. Mondaine has expanded itself as a brand  as it carries two very different collections, which carry specific style that is unique to their own design. The SBB collection features the original SBB railway clock while the Helvetica collection is inspired by the Helvetica font, and the watch faces come in a light, regular, and bold option. Minimalists lovers will truly appreciate the clean, iconic design of a Mondaine watch, and the aesthetics of the watch are meant to inspire anyone looking to simplify their life. 

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