The stop2go is the ultimate collector’s item for fans of the Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch. It is done in the same iconic style as the Swiss railways clock, but in a format that is perfect for your wrist. The large dial, which makes the watch extremely easy to read, is built with the innovative BackLight technology that can be found on the watches of our special collection. This technology allows for precise reading even in the dimmest of light, making the watch perfect for hectic everyday conditions.

    A striking red seconds hand immediately catches the eye, giving the watch away as a piece of jewellery from the Mondaine collection. Unlike the Classic, Simply Elegant, and evo lines, the stop2go comes equipped with a feature that embodies the very essence of the Official Swiss Railways Watch - the seconds hand stops on the “12” for that legendary moment on all Swiss railway clocks when time “stands still,” only to spring back into action and begin its journey around the dial once the minute hand advances.