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Mondaine Welcomes Two New Colour Stories Rooted in Nature to the evo2 Collection

Mondaine is delighted to introduce two new dial colors, inspired by the beauty of nature and perfectly timed to coincide with the upcoming season, enriching Mondaine's iconic evo2 collection: "Turquoise Lake" and "Wild Rose."


Within the evo2 collection, Mondaine maintains the timeless elegance of the classic Swiss railway watch style, featuring the iconic red second hand and a gracefully rounded, organically shaped case. These design elements provide both comfort and a sense of familiarity to those who wear them, encapsulating a minimalist aesthetic that remains eternally stylish. This design is the result of years of watchmaking expertise and a commitment to sustainable innovation.


The "Turquoise Lake" dial colour draws inspiration from the pristine, crystal-clear blue waters of Swiss lakes, a national treasure and a breathtaking natural spectacle. It captures the essence of these stunning landscapes, evoking a sense of tranquility and wonder. On the other hand, the "Wild Rose" hue pays tribute to the abundant floral beauty that graces the areas surrounding Swiss lakes, presenting a beautiful embellishment and a testament to the natural wonders found in these regions. Both colours serve as a reminder of the remarkable power and allure of Mother Nature, offering a breath of fresh air and a slice of emotional well-being that can be worn on the wrist every day.


Mondaine Evo2 Watches

The evo2 watches from Mondaine are not only inspired by nature but also dedicated to protecting and preserving its splendor for generations to come. These timepieces are assembled using up to 80% of the energy generated in-house through photovoltaic power in Switzerland. This commitment reflects Mondaine's deep passion for environmental sustainability. In fact, it has led Mondaine to achieve the distinction of being one of the world's pioneering 100% carbon-neutral brands, encompassing all three scopes (1, 2, and 3) of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. This comprehensive carbon neutrality commitment underscores Mondaine's dedication to mitigating its impact on the environment while creating enduring timepieces that resonate with individuals who share these values.


To explore and acquire the latest additions to the evo2 collection, featuring the captivating "Turquoise Lake" and "Wild Rose" dials, we invite you to visit our online store. By doing so, you not only embrace the timeless style and environmental consciousness embodied by Mondaine but also contribute to the ongoing protection of our precious natural world. Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature, now adorning your wrist in the form of these exquisite timepieces, and be a part of our mission to cherish and safeguard the Earth's gifts for future generations to enjoy.


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