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We believe we can make a difference #WECARE

We believe we can make a difference #WECARE

At Mondaine, #wecare about protecting our planet and future generations. Our commitment to sustainability isn't just a mission - it's a way of life embedded in every timepiece we create.

Embracing Sustainability at Mondaine:

We deeply care about safeguarding our planet and preserving it for future generations. We have woven sustainability into the very fabric of our existence, from the materials we select to the production and recycling processes. Our goal is to continuously enhance the overall life cycle sustainability of our watches. To offset unavoidable emissions, we collaborate with non-governmental organisations (NGOs). In 2020, we achieved a significant milestone by becoming one of the first watch companies globally to be comprehensively CO2 neutral for scope 1, 2, and 3 of the GHG protocol.

Driving Positive Change:

Sustainable Sourcing: We meticulously evaluate and research materials, prioritising those with minimal environmental impact. Our stainless steel, used for both watches and straps, is composed of up to 91% recycled content. We also explore innovative materials such as vegan grape leather derived from organic wine waste, textile made from recycled PET bottles, cork, and a castor oil compound. The vegan grape leather utilised in all our collections is a prime example, derived from the organic waste of wine production, creating high-quality grape leather. Our belief is firmly rooted in the notion that plant-based materials pave the way forward.

Powered by Nature: Mondaine harnesses the power of the sun through a state-of-the-art photovoltaic solar system, meeting up to 80% of our energy needs sustainably. To ensure maximum carbon neutrality, the remaining energy requirements are supplied by a local hydroelectric power plant.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Sustainability extends to our packaging, where every component is carefully selected with the environment in mind. From FSC-certified paper to rPET ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles, our packaging is a testament to our commitment. Furthermore, our inks and adhesives are non-toxic, emphasising our attention to every detail in caring for the environment.

Circular Economy Advocates: Waste has no place in our vocabulary. For decades, we have diligently collected and recycled materials like paper, cardboard, and plastics, leaving no room for waste. As part of this philosophy, we offer free watch recycling at our Swiss factory. This commitment to a circular economy model is our contribution to a more sustainable future.

Fairventure Collaboration: Since 2020, we have proudly partnered with the non-profit organisation Fairventures Worldwide. Focused on the responsible reforestation of endangered regions, particularly the rainforests of Indonesia's Borneo Island, Fairventures seeks solutions that extend beyond reforestation to provide long-term social and environmental benefits. By supporting Fairventures, we offset unavoidable emissions, contributing to a healthier planet.

Join Our Sustainable Journey:

At Mondaine, we invite you to join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a tangible difference - one watch at a time. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental considerations; it is a promise to our Earth, our customers, and the lasting legacy we aim to leave behind. Choose sustainability. Choose Mondaine.

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