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Mondaine Sustainable Watches

Mondaine Stands for Sustainability & Innovation

The Mondaine brand stands for innovation and uncompromising sustainability. As one of the only watch brands in the world that solely focus on sustainability, the entire Mondaine Group operates as 100% CO2-neutral. The year 2022 beings with the same sustainable approach. In co-operation with a leading Italian manufacturer, Mondaine Watch Ltd. now produces watches with vegan grape leather from our Classic Collection. The high-quality grape composite material represents a valuable upcycling process without repercussions and is considered one of the most exciting plant-based genuine leather alternatives of the future.

The Mondaine brand, based in Switzerland, has a large focus on sustainability. The entire Mondaine Group has been working intensively with our environment and resources for decades. All of the company's watches are manufactured in their factory in Biberist using up to 80% solar energy.

Through one of our values 'WE CARE', our company develops and deals with alternative and ecologically friendly raw materials for watch production and production processes and is completely CO2-neutral. Therefore, our high-quality plant-based alternatives to animal leather for the production of watch straps are a central ideology of our company.

What is Grape Leather?

When looking for alternatives to animal leather for the production of watch bands, one material in particular catches the eye in terms of texture, quality, look and feel: vegan grape leather. An innovative Italian manufacturer has succeeded in producing an alternative to animal leather from the by product of wine production. Everything that cannot ultimately be used to enjoy the wine - i.e. the grape pomace from the stems, seeds and skins - is used to produce the grape leather. A real upcycle!

Mondaine Sustainable Watches

The grape composite material is particularly supple and of high quality, making it perfect for manufacturing watch straps. In addition, Mondaine uses water-based paints to colour the material.

Components of Grape Composite Material

27% vegan grape leather
50% recycled polyester
23% water-based polyurethane (more sustainable than traditional polyurethane as no chemical solvents being involved in the production process).

New Beginnings

"In the search of innovative and contemporary new materials for the production of our watches, we were particularly pleased about this real leather alternative, obtained from the residues of wine production. The beautiful watch bands are at least as good as animal leather in terms of quality and appearance. They are extremely comfortable to wear, free from any animal substances and therefore 100% vegan,” says Mondaine CEO Niels Møller.

Sustainability does not have to be more expensive! Mondaine provide a affordable and easily obtainable alternative to animal leather without compromising quality and feel.


Visit our vegan watch collection here to support global sustainability.

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