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How to pick the perfect Watch size

How to pick the perfect Watch size

One of the factors to consider in choosing a watch is how well proportioned the watch is to your wrist and hand. Follow the next steps to find the watch for you.


STEP 1: What's Your Wrist Size?

 To determine your wrist size you could measure it with the 2 options depending on available tools.

Option 1 - Use a Tape Measurer: This will provide the most accurate measurement for your wrist. Simply wrap the tape measure around your wrist (not too tightly) and take the measurement in cm or inches.

Option 2 - Use a String and a Ruler: Gently wrap the string (not too tightly) around your wrist at the location where you typically wear a watch. Mark or hold the string when it meets the starting point. Lay the string flat on a ruler and measure its length.


STEP 2: Select The Right Watch

After getting your size, it is important to understand the proportion of your wrist size and the case diameter. So, to answer the question, what watch size should I get for my wrist? Refer to these sizing guides:

15 cm (6 inches) and bellow (SMALL) 26 mm - 36 mm (SMALL)
15 cm – 18 cm (6 – 7 inches) (MEDIUM) 38 mm - 42 mm (MEDIUM)
19 cm (7.5 inches) and above (LARGE) 43 mm - 44 mm (LARGE)


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