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How the Instagram Elite Wear Mondaine Watches

How the Instagram Elite Wear Mondaine Watches

Style is personal. Take it from these Instagram savants, who Mondaine partnered with to show how each one heightens their already strong aesthetic with a new SBB essence watch style of their choice. You’ll see the timepieces complete looks from dressed up to dressed down. Mondaine becomes an everyday essential or a standout accessory, all depending on how it’s styled.



@suttonandgrove (photo credit) pairs essence with a favorite travel look – streamlined for this Switzerland adventure.


    (photo credit) chooses essence for strong, dark, Soho style.


@AerialLynn (photo credit) opts to pair her essence with a crisp, everyday look.


@TheNathanielManual (photo credit) tops off his moody neutrals with essence.

@Thegraybasic (photo credit) uses essence for purposeful, chic, professional style.


@calebthill (photo credit) epitomizes the creative class with essence.


@waterthruskin (photo credit) proves accessories are meant to be layered by adding essence to stacking bracelets.


Follow along on Instagram or show us your Mondaine essence style with #mondaine_essence.

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