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A legendary design


Discover our timeless watches collections



With its strong link to the history of the Swiss Railways clock, a true homage to MONDAINE's Swiss heritage and design.


Integrates seamlessly the refined elegance of a luxury timepiece with the robust reliability of a sports watch.


The beauty of minimalist design, ideal for those who prefer a simple style and are seeking a classic and reliable watch.


The collection has been updated with a contemporary touch, featuring a sleek and ergonomic design for maximum comfort.


The combination of Swiss watchmaking and design reflecting conscientious approach to the environment.

simply elegant

The collection that caters to those who require a more refined and sophisticated appearance suitable for office or evening wear.


The great readability of the legendary dial, a watch for anyone looking for an extraordinary timepiece.

The original

Durable construction, bold numerals and clean lines, the Original watch is suitable for anyone looking for a high-quality wristwatch.